Food for Thought – Our Tradition of Growing Through Innovation!

by adminopdi

Food for Thought – Our Tradition of Growing Through Innovation!

by adminopdi

by adminopdi

Farming is an ever-evolving science. Here at Ontario Potato Dist (Alliston) Inc 1991, we always strive to go the extra mile to ensure our potatoes are brought to your table in a sustainable and responsible way. Our commitment to food safety, land stewardship, and irrigation is demonstrated every day in our operations, making us an innovative and leading potato producer and distributor in Ontario!

With our core business in farming, packing, storing, and distributing potatoes for supermarkets of all sizes, we are up-to-date with the latest technological advances that continually improve our operations. Over the last 50 years, we have built a legacy of keeping our business current with new innovations, technologies, and standards to ensure sustainability and efficiency in all areas of our operations.

Some of the many ways we embrace innovation here at Ontario Potato Dist (Alliston) Inc 1991 include:

·         New Technology  – With our state of the art machinery, we can pack 4,000 10lb bags per hour.

·         Ensuring Quality and Safety in our Operations – We work with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to ensure that our products meet their stringent standards for domestic, inter-provincial, and imported potatoes.

·         Using our Location to Our Advantage – As the exclusive potato producing operation within a 25 km radius (15 mile) of our facilities, Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. is perfectly positioned on rich land with access to all major transportation links in North America. Our close proximity to various processing, distribution, manufacturing, and labor markets ensures we can provide superior service throughout the province, country, and continent.

·         Employing Smart Irrigation Practices – The key to successful farming is proper irrigation practices! In the mid-1980’s, Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. undertook a major initiative to create an integrated irrigation system capable of significantly impacting potato productivity and yield. We use four individually sealed wells tapped into glacial Lake Iroquois, with constant monitoring to ensure water tables remain unaffected.

Innovation is at the root of everything Ontario Potato Dist (Alliston) Inc 1991does! We are proud to employ the latest farming and distribution technologies and practices to assist us in providing superior potatoes to supermarkets across Ontario. As we continue to lead through operational excellence and sustainability, you can trust that Ontario Potato Dist (Alliston) Inc 1991’s commitment to quality always comes to your dinner table with every bag of Champion Brand Potatoes. To learn more about our commitment to growing through innovation, check out our website.​



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