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Good potatoes are a labor of the land. Farming can only do so much without the right conditions for growing. Ontario Potato Dist. (Alliston) Inc. is fortunate to be farming in some of the richest soil in Ontario, bringing you excellent potatoes from our one-of-a-kind location.

Some of the ways our farmland is different includes:


A total of 18 parcels covering a 4 kilometer area make up the entire Ontario Potato Dist. (Alliston) Inc. operation. Altogether 604 arable hectares (1,492 acres) are devoted to potato growing and alternating crops. An additional 139 hectares (343 acres) comprised mostly of naturalized forest and woodlands bring the total package of land to 743 hectares (1,835 acres).


Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. is situated on spectacular high ground with smooth to naturally moderate sloping contour. Consequently, drainage is adequate on all lands under any conditions created through natural precipitation and/or controlled irrigation.


For decades, proper management combined with naturally productive soil, makes Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. ideal for hearty, commercial Potato and seed Production. Predominantly sandy loam till, soil groups throughout the acreage range from Podzol to Brown Podzolic to Grey-Brown Podzolic. The four main soil classifications present are Tioga, Vasey, Dundonald and Bookton.

To learn more about our operations, visit http://opdi.ca/innovation/.

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