Red, White, and Gold…The Colours of a New Season

by adminopdi

Red, White, and Gold…The Colours of a New Season

by adminopdi

by adminopdi

The growing season has begun and we are only 6 to 9 weeks away before the first harvest is ready. It is an exciting and colourful time for Champion Brand Potatoes, as seen through our beautiful varieties of red, yellow, and white potatoes freshly packed from California.

Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. provides a rainbow of potato varieties that have been marketed under the Champion Brand for nearly three generations. Although potatoes may look similar, they are not all the same. They differ in type and starch and sugar content which impacts how they are prepared and consumed.

Let’s learn more about these varieties and what makes them great to eat. All of our California varieties are versatile, fresh, and delicious, offering you great ways to color your dinner table and be creative in your kitchen.

White Potatoes

  • Snowden, Monona, Cherokee, Superior, and Mainestay are all white fleshed potatoes that are small to medium in size; round to long in shape and have a white or tan skin.
  • They have medium starch content and are slightly creamy and dense in texture.
  • White potatoes hold their shape well after cooking and are best for mashing, salads, steaming, boiling and frying.
  • FUN FACT: The Snowden and Monona varieties in particular are ideal for making potato chips because they are low sugar, dry potatoes that fry to a perfect golden crisp.

Yellow Potatoes

  • The Bettina, Penta, Yukon Gold, Fabula, and Adora varieties are yellow-fleshed potatoes that are small to large in size; round or long in shape and have a light tan to golden skin.
  • They are slightly waxy potatoes that are velvety and moist.
  • They tend to be slightly sweet, rich and buttery in taste and have medium sugar content. Due to their naturally buttery and creamy texture they lend themselves well to lightened up versions of baked or mashed potatoes.
  • They are ideal for grilling, roasting, mashing and using in salads and they retain their yellow flesh color after cooking.

Red Potatoes

  • Often referred to as “new” potatoes, these small but mighty spuds are round or oblong in shape with a smooth, red skin and white flesh.
  • A waxy potato with a moist and creamy texture and flavor that is subtly sweet.
  • They maintain their shape and firmness when cooking, making them great for roasting, salads, soups and stews.
  • Because of their vibrant red skin they add color and texture to salads and sides.

Before you know it, Champion Brand’s Ontario harvest will be ready for you, but until then you can enjoy the fresh taste and color of our California varieties. Whether red, white, or yellow, with Champion Brand Potatoes you can bring the rainbow to your dinner table anytime.

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