Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. potato production window begins in mid April and continues through to late October. Subsequently, this 26-week growing period gives enough flexibility, due to fluctuations in yearly climate to complete the growing cycle for many varieties.


Careful attention to growing practices coupled with adequate irrigation, yields from Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. have consistently achieved 30-40 metric tonnes per hectare (285-300 CWT per acre). This average exceeds Provincial potato yield standards by up to 20%.


Over decades, the perfect potato growing environment of Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. has produced many spud varieties for process, table stock and seed purposes. The geographic isolation of the farmland, from other potato growing operations creates an environment where cross contamination of disease is non-existent. In the last five (5) years, Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. has been a proving ground for both European and North American early and late season varieties. (Snowden, Monona, Cherokee, Superior, Bettina, Mainestay, Penta, Yukon Gold, Fabula and Adora).


Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. crop rotation practice of “balancing the land” is achieved through the planting of a variety of cash crops including corn, small grains, beans, canola and hay. Over the last six (6) years, more than 50% of Ontario Potato Distribution Inc. arable hectares have been dedicated to rotation crops. Consequently, feeding the land in this natural way has produced bumper yields.