by mogbulafor


At OPDI Logistics it is of upmost importance that we provide an A+ service while also making a commitment to maintaining a high environmentally friendly standard and reducing greenhouse gases.

The implementation of trailer fairings has proven to be a critical benefit in OPDI’s challenge towards improved fuel economy. As a long haul freight company we have reported a reduction of fuel and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Each tractor is equipped with Climacab APU units that provide comfortable heating and air conditioning options eliminating the need to idle tractor engine. All power units and trailers are compliant in regards to ALL emission standards within Canada and all of the USA. We base our fleet on California Base Emission guidelines and ensure we are compliant. We also make certain our engine, transmission and truck supplier’s setup is optimal for fuel consumption, based on our average weight per load.

Each of our drivers is trained on ideal driving conditions ensuring they are maximizing fuel consumption and reducing engine wear. Drivers are also advised to fill trucks with Low Sulfur Diesel.

At the conclusion of every trip, the maintenance department checks each unit for preventative maintenance and ensures the tire pressure is within 3psi of manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our tractors have speed limiters which prohibit exceeding 65mph.
Current fuel consumption is 5.8miles/gallon. Our tires supplied by Michelin, are the best available tires to aid in fuel savings.

Current idle time is 9% – our goal is 6-7%. We are working towards achieving this by reducing the timer from 10 minutes to 7minutes; and by ensuring Turbo and Engine cooling allows enough cool down time when coming off road.

We have reduced our oil consumption by using Kleen-Oil, a product that extends the intervals between oil changes from every 20,000 kms to every 60,000 kms, thereby using 80 litres less oil per unit per oil change.
While new engines use more fuel due to the new exhaust system mandated by the California EPA, the new exhaust is ensuring “cleaner” air is exhausted.

The destination may change, but the journey is always green.