OPDI Ministry of Agriculture visit – July 6th, 2023

Hi everyone, my name is Silvia Cappuccitti and this is the president of Ontario Potato Distributing inc, and my husband Danny Cappuccitti.  We represent the 3rd of 4 generations in this family business.

On behalf of Ontario Potato we would like to thank you all for taking the time to join us here today to shine the spotlight on our incredible Ontario farmers that continue to bring families together offering nutritious products of the highest quality.

OPDI’s core business is farming, packing, storing and distributing potatoes. Since its beginnings, over 58 years ago, this solely family-owned venture, has been providing high quality potatoes across Ontario.

Just a brief mention of Our beginnings…

The story of Ontario Potato began in 1926 on Claremont Street in Toronto, Ontario. Newly emigrated, Jimmy Cappuccitti opened a family grocery store stocked with fresh produce picked up directly from local farmers in and around Alliston, Ontario.

The family then began distributing potatoes and fresh produce at the Ontario Food Terminal  when it first opened its doors in 1954.

In 1960, Rocco and Gordie Cappuccitti had the foresight to carefully select rich farmland in Simcoe County. This 18-parcel collection of land, resulted in over 1800 acres of protected prime potato lands known today as Ontario Potato Dist. Inc.

Supported by the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture’s mandate to practice professional farming techniques, the Cappuccitti family has cultivated rich, high-ground soils, some of Ontario’s most valuable potato producing land. 

For over 58 years, and four generations later, our business is one that is built on a reputation of high quality potatoes, with technological advancements, sustainability measures, coupled with old school values.   Opdi has upheld careful management and responsible agricultural practices.

We, at Ontario Potato continue to increase our own dedicated acreage, year over year, and are always expanding our networking across the country to ensure that all families in Ontario have access to a product we can stand behind.

OPDI prides ourselves through our dedicated employees, some of which have been employed with us between 30 and 50 years in addition to our migrant workers from Jamaica and Mexico that have been coming to work with us each year for the past 30 years.   The hardworking people located here at our Alliston plant are solely responsible for bringing over 35M lbs of potatoes to the tables of families across the province whether it be purchased at local grocery stores, markets, restaurants, or other local small businesses. 

Along with our partnerships with Canada’s largest grocery chains we also pride ourselves in our charitable and local initiatives.

In addition to this we are a proud supporter of many local food banks and banks throughout the GTA donating another 1.5M lbs annually to help ensure ALL Ontarians have access to quality potatoes.

We would like to thank you all again for joining us today and with the continued support of our community along with the dedication of our farmers, partners, customers, and staff we continue to encourage everyone to support local farmers at every opportunity.

Thank you.